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A collaboration of a few close friends, TheRelationshipNinjas was created to provide a totally manly (read: “lazy”) way of keeping your girlfriend/fiancee/wife/mother happy while making you look like the perfect and attentive (read: “not lazy”) boyfriend/fiance/husband/son everyone expects you to be. Using relationship-and-gift-experts (read: “women”) and modern design technology, TheRelationshipNinjas are reinventing the way of keeping men out of the doghouse.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than dislike.” -J.K. Rowling

Remembering an occasion and choosing the right gift should be easy, but somehow, men always find a way to screw it up. It’s in our nature to have a very short attention span when it comes to selecting appropriate gifts or flowers or chocolate. Unfortunately, women don’t seem to appreciate that last-minute bouquet bought at the 7-11 or the intention behind that dress that ended up 2-sizes too big…



By using other women to curate gifts for your woman (read: “best-only”), personalizing it to the lady-recipient and keeping it simple and straightforward for the man, TheRelationshipNinjas provide an easy way to better the relationship, for both man and woman. What’s even better is that every token of attention given will always look like it came from you, as we are ninjas – never seen or heard (read: “awesome”).



We delight her, you get all the credit. (… and we were never there.)


Be more attentionate, effortlessly.