Top 5 signs that you screwed up on Valentine’s Day

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Despite objections about Valentine’s Day being too commercialized, it remains a symbol of romance for many women and expectations were nonetheless set high for men.

Even after record-breaking spending year-after-year, how do you know how well you did on V-day? Did you misinterpret or disappoint her this year? Is your relationship in jeopardy?

Often times, men miss the most obvious of signs that it went poorly. Here are the top 5 quotes to know

Did you screw-up on V-day?





But, she TOLD you not to get her anything. So you did… Don’t you know better by now?

Ninja tip: Do not EVER come empty-handed.






So maybe you did get her something. You had the best intentions with that special Valentine’s day deal you saw at the brand-new SPANX store at the mall… If the “sales associate” didn’t tell you that it was a bad idea, now you know.

Ninja-tip: Don’t buy clothes for V-day, it’s high-risk, zero-reward. Also, lingerie is a gift for you, not for her.





A hot-dog from the gas-station is not a proper Valentine’s Day dinner date, nor is bringing candles to Taco Bell.

Ninja tip: stick to what she likes and call NOW to make a reservation. Worst case, if you can’t make it next year, help out a guy friend.






Expectations for men and women for V-day are different. Although men are sometimes unaware of their counterparts’ expectations, women know that V-day sex is somewhat a given – upon completing the checklist. If you didn’t get down and dirty, maybe you missed something.

Ninja tip: Check our blog for tips to make sure you get everything right.






You KNOW you’re in trouble when she’s giving you the silent treatment. Were you the perfect gentlemen? Respect her wishes and desires? Listen to her? Opened the door? Shut off your phone during dinner? Talked about your ex?

Ninja tip: Enlist some ninjas to help you out next time.



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