The Explanation of Why You Wanna Date Younger Women

Cassia Crawl

the-truth-about-older-men-younger-womenTime after time, it seems men prefer dating and picking younger women as their partners. Although the reasons can vary from one couple to the next, the common factor is that desirable perk and renewal. That exotic spark, that these women tend to bring to the relationship.



How She Changes Things

A youthful personality can brighten and counteract the tiredness of an older one. This happens especially when he’s coming from a previous marriage or long term relationship. Generally, men will seek a fun, light hearted relationship that will make them forget about the one that tied them down for so long. Maybe this new lady will influence him to take spontaneous risks he wouldn’t have with an older partner, and by doing so, reliving his youth despite his older age. We know you can’t turn back time, but you can definitely feel the influence of a younger heart on your own lifestyle.

why-young-men-date-older-womenIn 1989, in what was probably the largest study on the issue of age gap in relationships, David Buss surveyed people from 37 cultures and 6 continents. In every culture, the men preferred younger women (2.66 years) and the women preferred older men (3.42 years). More recent studies, like the one by University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, have found the same preference across cultures worldwide. I guess all cultures think that “women mature faster than men.” 

Another benefit when dating younger can be the air of independence that surrounds her personality. Young people have big dreams and ambitions, they want to stay out late and party, they like keeping things new and fresh. These women want room to breathe, they don’t like restrictions and overbearing demands, they like flying solo or hanging out late with their friends. They won’t want you to interfere with their busy and hustling lives, and why should you? You certainly don’t want to be seen as father #2, so enjoy the freedom that comes from dating someone younger. You should take this time to reflect on your own as well.

20 year old men prefer 20 year old women. 40 year old men prefer 20 year old women. It’s shocking to see on paper, but not so surprising if you’ve ever talked to an actual man, read a men’s magazine or looked at porn intended for men. This doesn’t mean that 40 year old men want to MARRY that 20 year old woman, only that they find her the most physically appealing. To tell men NOT to feel this way would be akin to telling them not to breathe.


Is The Generation Gap Too Big?

shes-too-young-for-you-bro-meme-generator-if-she-type-lyke-di-shes-too-young-for-you-bro-fe7f55When you’re choosing to date younger, you need to keep in mind that maturity only truly blossoms with age, and as such you may or may not have tons in common with this new girl. It’s a trade off you must make when dating down.

So, although no emotional baggage shadows your relationship with her, she may lack the experience or wisdom of someone your age. In a similar way, you don’t want to snub her because of this age gap, remember just because you’ve lived longer doesn’t make her any less intelligent. She’s already fully aware that you’re significantly older than her, no point in reminding her.


A good suggestion then, is to find the best of both worlds, someone who’s both younger and has that intellectual maturity that makes the relationship go beyond the initial physical attraction. As an older man, you have the experience and hindsight from your previous relationships, so use that to benefit your newer one.

Given the extreme prevalence of divorce in modern western society, and the extreme financial risk this entails,  women over 30  demand from their relationships a very  high risk financial commitment , with less desirable  returns, when compared to  younger women.



The Way She Sees It

In her eyes, maturity in a man is quite desirable. She wants someone who is not afraid of commitment and long term plans, which, let’s face it, only really forms after playing the field for several years.When you’re young and dating, you need to explore your options until you find the right person to settle down with.

Women prefer men who’ve already overcome this stage of their life. Been there, done that. They don’t like being toyed with, or being viewed as another notch on a guy’s bedpost. Men who are looking for commitment are always preferred over those who are just seeking fun in playing the field.

So ultimately, dating is still very much about the compatibility and connection that one feels towards the other. The fact is, that men are almost always attracted to younger women but their stage and situation in life, past and present, also reflect in their choices of choosing the age of their partners. To keep the relationship going strong, you need to have a balance between that age gap, whether it’s your need to bring a vivacity back in your routine or the lack of biological pressure, every one is different and as such deserves unique attention to fulfill their needs.

What are your thoughts on age gaps in relationships? Can they survive the long hall?

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