How not to screw up Valentine’s day this year.


How not to screw up Valentine’s day this year.

Here we are! It’s that time of the year… Valentine’s day is in less than a month, and I know most of you haven’t thought of it yet. Well guess what, this year let’s give the best of you to the one you love.
You don’t want to be that pathetic guy going to the convenience store picking up a box of chocolates and a cheap bouquet of flowers. Be original, be yourself and remind her why she loves you.

If you start now, there are plenty of things you could do or buy that will show how sweet you are (or can be). Here are some of my favourite ideas you could get or do, depending on you guys’ relationship status.
1- Apparently you’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks, right? A few dates and a few nights together, I bet things are going pretty well. Is it your girlfriend yet? Hell no. Well, Emily McDowell thought of you when she created these awesome awkward greeting cards.


2- So, you guys are now exclusive to each other, she met your friends and everybody thinks she’s cool. Your parents asked you why she wasn’t there for Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate)? That only means one thing: she could be the one, bro. That also means that you need show her how much she is worth it. All depending on your skills, build or create something for her. You’re a musician? Create or record a cover of her favorite song. You know how to manipulate tools and wood? You like drawing? Draw something for her. Of course, the results may vary, but what she’ll really see is how much time and devotion you put into pleasing her. Get ready for some action.

we gonna bang 

3- You and your girlfriend have been together for a few months, or a few years. You guys are close and as much as you both know you love each other, romance isn’t your first priority. Get back to the roots, man. Seduce her and surprise her. Make sure to make this year’s valentine day, a very special day she’ll remember. Send her a gift at work, this is the time to either send flowers or something you know will make her think of you at her workplace. Make sure to know what time she finishes; meet her at the front door with a taxi (or a limousine if money isn’t a problem), because none of you will be driving tonight. Take her to a restaurant; you know the one she’s wanted to try for the past few months? She’s angry with you because she’s not wearing proper clothes? You’re smarter than that, tell her to look in the trunk of the car, there’s this suitcase with a choice of 3 dresses and one of them is a new one you specially chose for her. She doesn’t want to change in the taxi? That’s cool. You guys are first heading to the hotel where you reserved a room so she can change and enjoy a glass of champagne before going out.

This is it. These are simple random ideas, it’s your turn to make them your own and to surprise your special someone. Remember that the key to a successful surprise is to manage her expectations and to go beyond them.

Have fun lover boy!

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