Do you got game?


Apparently, the nicest part when dating is the first few days, when you’re still uncertain about each others feeling.


Am I the only one to disagree with this statement? Don’t get me wrong, as much as I love the feeling of getting to know someone new, I’m probably the worst at the « game », as they call it. I’ve come to realize a few mistakes I inevitably make when I start seeing a girl. Let me share them with you, maybe you’ll see yourself in some of this, and if you have any advice, feel free to share, I’m a taker.


First of, I am impatient and never let the girls I’m in figure out by themselves if I’m interested or not. They obviously know I am. I’m like this foolish dog who is way too excited to see his master (Just to make this one clear, I’m not in to this domination stuff). Bottom line, I’m a little too honest on the way I feel about girls I like and it can lead to awkward situations.


àBoyle-Rosa-When You Go Out with Me


Secondo, another realisation I had was that I have this incredibly annoying reflex of checking my phone when I’m stressed. The thing is, even though it’s not intentional, it sends two messages, two wrong messages. The girl will either think you’re looking at the time and like any girl that jumps  to conclusion WAY too fast, she’ll believe you find her boring. This not good. The other message she might get is that you’re waiting for a text. Then the scenario game begins. «Is he seeing another girl? He’s probably a player. Do not trust him ». That’s it you’re done.


Whatever your plan is, you need to get the girl’s trust. Remember this guy, he got the princess in the end :


So yeah… Just keep it in your pocket and be completely there. Who knows, maybe you’re actually missing out on something really nice while you’re “looking at the time”.


Finally, this one has to be the worst. I’m attracted to craziness. I get charmed by the big blue eyes, the stylish hair, the way she rocks a tank top even though it’s 77 Fahrenheit degrees outside. Yeah, that’s the one. She is crazy hot. She is crazy. One thing How I met your mother taught us was to always respect the following diagram in order to insure a successful date :

In a nutshell, I guess we all have our flaws when it comes to dating. Some care too much, some don’t care enough. Even though you don’t want to, there’s a little charming game you must get into. The first step will be to figure out what YOU want, and then play your cards right to get to your goal.
Carry on, men.

And let’s finish this on a good song:

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