The 10 Smoothest Move You Can Do For Valentine’s Day

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Here’s some stories to inspire your chivalrous self for valentine’s day:

1. Turning an accident into opportunity:

A moment of clumsiness happens to everyone. If you lose your balance, spill a drink or happen to stumble in the sight of a beautiful girl, use it to your advantage to break the ice. Sure you may initially feel embarrassed but the important part is turning that negative into a positive. She’ll remember how quickly you were able to bounce back, and it’ll be a great conversation starter.

Was getting some air outside a bar when a couple walks out (looked like a first or second date – no hand holding, both dressed up for a pub) and the guy trips on a missing brick in the walkway and falls onto his hands and knees. The girl says “oh my god” and helps him up and asks “are you ok?” And the guy says after a half-beat, “that’s the second time i’ve fallen for something tonight.”


2. Good Deeds Don’t Go Unnoticed

Making a good impression can be as easy as seeking the closest opportunity to lend a hand. Sure, we encourage you to be genuinely caring and generous guy, but when you especially perform a good deed in front of her, then you’re in. You’ll feel great about helping someone out, even if it’s helping an elderly woman cross the street, and she’ll remember you for that valiant act.

I once had a date with a girl from a different city, and since we hadnt met face to face before we decided to meet up at the service desk of the train-station in her city.

So as soon as I got out of the train, there was a crying little kid standing on the platform with no parent in sight. So I walked to the little kid, asked him where his parents where, or if he was with someone else. Between all the tears and hiccups it became clear that he lost daddy. So I walked with him all over the platform looking for his father for a few minutes, but no luck. I figured I’d drop him of at the service desk where they could make an announcement throughout the whole train-station.

Arriving there, there where two things waiting for me: A panicked dad who had the same idea as me, and my date who I had agreed with to meet there. Witnessing the conclusion of events, she was rather pleased. It probably wasnt the only reason she took me home with her at the end of the date, but it couldnt have hurt either.


3. Take The Fall

This may sting your pride in the moment but it will really pay off in the long run. If she happens to make a mistake or seem distressed in a situation that’s mendable, take the bad wrap for her and you’ll be seen as her hero. Be this gentleman on valentine’s day.

I once was on a double date with a girl I had just started seeing and a couple friends of mine. About halfway through the date I jokingly poked my dates side which in turn caused her to laugh suddenly. The mix of the surprise and the laugh ended up with her letting out a quick but loud fart. Without missing a beat, I turned and faced my friends and said, “Safety.” To which they both started laughing hysterically and called me disgusting. No one else besides her and I know the truth of who actually farted.


4. You Can Be Dorky Sometimes

As long as you’re not an open book of pick up lines, and you only mention them here and there for comedic relief, it will make her laugh. It’s always nice to break up that awkward conversation of the first date with a cheesy one liner to release some tension. Creativity and originality go a long way on this one. Bonus: it will probably make her laugh.
A guy bought two cups of coffee and walked to a girl sitting alone at a table in Starbucks. The store was quite full and there was no empty table. The guy said, “miss, the seats are reserved for Starbucks customers.” The girl was shocked and felt pretty embarrassed. The guy then said, “But I have got one more drink. Do you prefer Latte or Espresso?”

Being dorky on valentine’s day can make your date original and different from all she experienced before. 😉

Adam Sandler on valentine day

5. Chivalry Never Goes Out Of Style

We all know that manners have never done wrong on a first date, or for any occasion for that matter. You don’t have to be all over her, but showing glimpses of a gentleman here and there can certainly leave a lasting impression. So open the door for her when she walks through, and your jacket if it gets cold.

Watched a guy and his girl cross a street and suddenly her heel of her stiletto just straight skidded out from under her foot on some ice.

It was like watching a dance in slow motion of her falling, he scooped her up like nothing and the momentum swirled them a little and the slope of the road he slowly just slid to the sidewalk where a bus bench was and gently sat her down before crouching in front of her to make sure she was okay.

It all happened in maybe 4 seconds. Had it been any more magical of a sight, Disney on ice would have staged it.

A couple of people behind me applauded and hooted at him and he just kind of smiled.

Handsome devil, that guy was. Sometimes I think about that moment and it still makes me smile.

That moment alone could have turned me gay.


6. Make The Move Confidently

There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence, and if you want to really wow her you have to know how to dabble between it. When the opportunity arises and you feel hesitant on whether or not to make a move or closing statement, carpe diem. Seize that moment and turn it into a memorable experience for you both.

A friend went out with a guy she met from tinder whom she had never met before. while eating sushi on their date, the guy cracked a joke which made her start laughing and subsequently start choking. she turned red, started to tear, and was gasping for air while waving to her throat. The guy immediately gave her the heimlich maneuver which expelled the sushi and forced it to catapult onto another person’s table. the guy then said, “if you wanted me to put my arms around you, you just had to ask.” they’ve been dating for almost a year now.


7.  Give Her A Taste

Teasing can be playful if it’s used on the first couple encounters lightly. Remember in pre school, where, if you really liked a girl you singled her out and picked on her? Fast forward to years later and you’re back to that trick, with a dash of sophistication.

Not a date, but picking up a date. My friend had me sit next to this girl and he sat on the other side. He told me to hand him his water when he called for it. It didn’t make sense at first, but I went with it. So he sat down, acted like he was stretching, and put his arm around this girl. She said no, so he called me to give him his water. I handed it to him, and he retracted his arm and drank the water. The look on her face was priceless and she was so impressed they went out. I later used that technique, but without success.


 8. Expect The Unexpected

Chances are she’s probably been on several valentine’s day dates and has her expectations set out based on those earlier guys. So take a chance and break her predictions. This doesn’t mean that if you’re a nice guy you should treat her like your door mat, but try to surprise her in a positive way.

I had been seeing a girl for awhile, but had been taking it slow because of her past. She was finally ready and kept making hints about it with funny innuendos and pick up lines and told me I was a really nice guy for not rushing things. Later that night, after dinner, she asked me to use a pick up line on her as a joke. A light bulb went off and I asked her, “You know how every one says nice guys finish last?” She responded, “Uh, yeah…?” I turned to her and said, “I promise I will” and winked.

We didn’t make it out of the kitchen.

Edit: It has been three years. Still in the kitchen. (It’s cool though, Mama’s rollin that body)

Channing Tatum valentine day

9. Attention To Detail

This only really applies if you know her well, in other words what she likes and/or doesn’t like.  Keep an ear and eye out for those little habits and personality traits. She’ll be impressed that you remembered her really specific food taste while placing your order at the restaurant on valentine’s day.

Well, I was on this date, so I guess I saw it.

My high school boyfriend and I were at a restaurant and I got a dish that came with steamed broccoli, which I don’t care for, but as a shy 16-year-old, I still felt weird about special ordering at a restaurant.

When my dish came, it instead had a side of carrots, which is my favorite vegetable ever. Apparently, my bf had asked the waiter to substitute it in for the broccoli without me knowing.

It was a small move but really sweet, and I was also really surprised that he’d paid enough attention to me to know what vegetables I liked and didn’t.


10. If At First You Don’t Succeed 

Try, try again. Nobody wants you to be overkill, but if you’re trying to get her attention in a public setting and she keeps missing your signals, switch it up. You may be using the wrong approach if you feel like you’re coming off as aggressive, so a light hearted or funny opening is the way to go.

Out one night with a bunch of mates, plus this one girl I’d been eyeing out for quite some time (and she knew it, too). We’d all gone back to my place for an afterparty, and when things had started winding down (ie I kicked everyone out) I offered to walk her and her friend home.

When we got to their place she turned to me and said “wait, now who’s going to walk you home?”

“You are”, I said.

“But then… who’s going to walk me home?”

“Oh, you’re not going home tonight, don’t worry”, I replied. Worked, too.

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